How do you name something?  You can call a blog anything you want.  I figured if the address was just my name, then i could really write about anything.  I start with a blank page and think, “How do i start?”  So  I start in the middle and write an intro later..or not at all.  Like counting the cost, if i try to figure out how things will end up before beginning, i might never start.  Fear. Blog is like that.  Just begin.

Today was like a whirlwind, but everything worked.  Got up early, walked to Kinkos to fax and print stuff, was there too early and sat outside until it opened at 7.  What happened to Kinkos being open 24 hrs?  Called my tax guy in TN in the meantime cause on the mainland business is already in full swing.  Then walked to Starbucks and finished a bunch of letters and made more calls to the mailand.  It’s my last day in Hawaii or the U.S. until who knows when.  Crack of dawn tomorrow i hope to catch a flight to New Zealand.  The phone will be off.

I had a moped being fixed which i planned on selling by day’s end, so I called the mechanic who said they wouldn’t get to it today.  Rob picked me up after coffee and we went right over to find out the piston was “knocking.”  Basically, a huge job, which under warrenty they would fix for free but not til Tuesday.  I explained that i couldn’t wait and asked him to just buy it from me.   After a little back and forth, he gave me $350 for it.  I only paid $550 and raced it all over this island for 50 days. I look at it like a rental.  No selling. No craigslist. No calls. Thank God.  Out clean.  Next to Good Will to get some warmer clothes.  It is almost fall in the southern hemisphere and i only packed for Hawaii where every day is the same weather-wise.  Picked everything up for $37.  Then closed out my P.O. box at the post office and went to the Japanese Galleria for more coffee.  The day went on and on like that until every end was tied and every bag packed.  The goal was to disgard everything not totally necessary.  All set to leave Hawaii without a string attatched.  I think God is in all the details.  It’s important to look for Him or i just take these things for granted.  He really is everywhere all the time. 

That’s that for a 412 word ramble.  It will get better.  Can’t wait to travel tomorrow.  Airports to places i have never been. Heading to meet people I have never met, and hopefully doing things i have neverdone.