“And behold, Jesus met them… And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted. And Jesus came and said… ‘Go therefore…’” Matthew 28:8-19

Basically, this is the final charge from Jesus to his disciples. In the same way he lead them in the Last Supper knowing some would deny him only hours later, he charged them to go unto all the nations while some stood there doubting his resurrection.

Sometimes we wonder whether or not we are fit for taking communion or whether we could actually testify about the goodness of God to others as missionaries. This section of scripture says, “Yes!” After all, it says, “…but some doubted..” then immediately Jesus tells them he has been given all authority and tells them to GO! Doubters go, sinners take communion. Jesus is in the business of restoring lives and using those lives to save and restore the lives of others. Satan is in the business of lying. He tells God’s people they should not go. They should sit and wallow in unbelief thinking about past sins acting like the sacrifice of Christ is something not good enough to save. He tells the people of God that they need to be perfect before they can partake of the holy supper, or go to the nations and share this good news. What’s so special about the gospel if a person has to be perfect before he can receive it!

It is a trap to let this thought take root, “Someday I’ll go… someday I’ll tell… someday…”

From the words of Christ, it seems like there is no time like now.