HNL International

HNL International

Travel is interesting. Here on this flight to Narita (Tokyo) I’m struck with Gods goodness. Slipping through these airports and onto these airplanes one after another without a hitch is beyond me, mostly stand-by. Left Kona last night for Honolulu, spent the night on a concrete slab at the airport to save a few bucks, and boarded this first of two flights to Thailand at 11 this morning.

Perspective and expectations are important.

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4.

The world and people in it are not there exclusively for your pleasure. The people in line in front of you-old, young, men, women, pretty or poor, are ALL loved by God, more than you can possibly understand; they all have plans and are concerned about their own lives just like you are. God cares about them the same as he cares about you. Actually., most of them probably have much more important things going on anyway.

Any thought that comes into your head that would prefer itself over another person or exploit another person so you come out ahead, has nothing to do with faith.. and that, makes it sin.  So, cool it!
“Me first” feels good or like its my right. In reality though, from a spiritual standpoint, a selfish act on my part is sin. It might help to visualize sin. The wages of sin is death. Death is ugly-disgusting actually. It’s a dead animal on the road in the hot sun stinking with maggots all over it. Probably a judgmental thought about a person who is “inconvenient” to me looks like that spiritually. It’s because I’m insecure or fearful and want to prop myself up or put myself first. After all, who doesn’t want to feel at least a little better than others? It happens in a flash. It’s second nature. When I nurse it along, it festers like a disease in my brain or spirit.
Sin is a subtle foe. Looking the opposite of what it really is. These are the toughest, the ones inside the heart. The sinful nature “acting out”.
All this makes it sound like today’s travel is filled with chaos and crowds, but really, these were just thoughts I was having standing in line in Honolulu before I left. I thought United Airlines going to want an outbound ticket from Thailand to board the airplane, which would have caused a headache for me, but they didn’t. Most of the things we fear never happen anyway.
Here at the Narita Airport, people are super quiet and courteous. Japanese people are like that. Everything is super expensive though, so I get hot water and add instant Starbucks coffee to it.
So, like we wrote a million times in School of Biblical Studies, What’s the timeless truth?
God loves everyone the same. You and the things you are trying to do, Nelson, are not more important than others or the things they are trying to do.
So what’s the application? Faith in action. When I feel like there’s not enough time, I should let someone go before me, making me even more behind than I already was. This leaves the outcome up to God. If he wants me there, he’ll get me there. When I don’t have enough money, I should give some away. Mastering this kind of attitude actually brings a whole lot more peace than the alternative.