I first met Rob about 16 years ago in Kona, Hawaii working with YWAM as Discipleship School Leaders. Funny, all these years later, we’re back traveling again and back, more or less, with YWAM.

At the moment, we’re in Chiang Rai, Thailand killing a few hours in an air-con mall waiting for an overnight bus to Bangkok and on to Poipet City, Cambodia. I didn’t think they would have a Starbucks in this part of Thailand but they sure do. It’ll be the last one for a while as the franchise hasn’t broken into Cambodia. I’m all for dialing it down though. Too many creature comforts make us soft and mushy.

Have you ever been in a really tough situation and felt there was a grace for it, making it seem easier than it should have been? Conversely, it’s weird but possible to have it all super cushy and be weighed down feeling like you can barely motivate yourself to do anything. Interesting to watch that dynamic. I’m not in either of those places today, but I look forward to being away from this stuff even though I like it. IMG_2014

Lord-willing, tomorrow at this time, we’ll be meeting with a team from Battambang, Cambodia staying in a town on the Thai-Cambodian border. I’ve been there before. It’s mass chaos in the blazing heat, people trying to sell something called a, “government issue visa”, but it’s nothing but a scam. You find that out after paying their “fee” when you walk another 100 yards and meet the real immigration officials. Nothing like a warm welcome to a country where you get hosed straightaway. It’s nice to know it’s coming though. On top of that, it’s Songkran, the new year and water festival over here. For us, that means we might get doused with water. Sounds harmless enough, only the water comes out of stagnant pools or sewage or wherever it happens to be. But hey, no sense in hiding out somewhere waiting for it to be over. If there is action, might as well be in it.

So why Cambodia? Well, since we arrived in Bangkok a couple weeks back we’ve been meeting people and connecting with YWAM friends here in Thailand, but our sites are set on Battambang. It’s a town of about 250,000 with a small YWAM base where they have a School of Biblical Studies. Both Rob and I finished the same school last year-him in Taiwan and me, Montana. They need staff in Battambang more than in either of the other places. It’s not certain, but we’re open to making a commitment to the base. Teaching the Bible is one of the most rewarding things I can think of doing in this life. As is the case with trying to follow the leading of God, the path is revealed as you walk, hence the verse saying the word is a “…lamp to my feet and light to my path.” Psalm 119:105 As much as we want the whole plan all laid out in advance, we have as much as we need to take the next step and that’s enough.