Baptizing John.

This is a picture from the other day.  After all this time in lectures with Outreach looming on the horizon, we asked any of the students if they wanted to be baptized before heading out.  There were 4.  John chose his small group leader and I to be in the water.  It may not look like it, but that water is freezing.  It’s fall here in New Zealand so it’s nothing like when i got baptized in Hawaii years ago.  It was actually my first time baptizing anyone, but it’s God who does the work.  We are just his servants carrying it out.

Today is the day before we fly out to Africa.  There are 6 teams total.  Two of them flew out this morning.  Two more leave tomorrow early, then it’s us.  Our path is Christchurch, Aukland, Perth(Australia), and finally to Johannesburg, South Africa.  We arrive at 515am to some sort of airport transfer taking our team of 8 to a small camp of some kind where we are rumored to have work in a medical clinic helping with HIV testing and some mechanical work on a tractors.  They divide the girls and guys, so i am guessing John and i will be doing the dirty-work, which is fine with me.

The anticipation around this place is intense.  People are ready and waiting.  I think we worry too much.  You can only plan so much for this type of thing.  I think the more time we spend in prayer, the better it will turn out. I mean, how much can i control anyway? Really.

Here’s a shot of the whole school.

Around the World DTS a few weeks back.