Today is Sunday and we’re 2 weeks from the launch of the next Titus Project. It’s a teaching school here at YWAM Montana. I would call it the School of Biblical Studies outreach. So, to be in this school, all students have gone through the whole Bible, line by line and drawn up their own observations, interpretations, and applications for as much of it as they had time. They are Bible scholars who have a heart to teach what they’ve learned.

So, our job as the staff of the Titus Project is to facilitate teaching for these students or “participants” in different parts of the world. It lasts 12 weeks total; 3 weeks in Montana, learning the nuts and bolts of teaching and preaching, 8 weeks in the field practicing and growing as teachers, and one week back in Montana for a proper debrief. Actually, there’s lots more to it, but in a nutshell, that’s the general structure.

This school has 17 participants and 5 staff. We’re divided into 5 teams going to places where we’re connected and have been invited. My team of 4 of will be flying to Moscow on October 12, if everything goes as planned. We already have a few teaching “gigs” lined up at the YWAM Discipleship Training School there, which gets us off to a good start. From there, we plan to travel a bit, hitting the places where we have contacts both in and out of YWAM. I met some of the people when I was working in Armenia and Georgia last fall.

Russia is a monstrous country reaching almost half-way around the world with about 140 million people total. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the saints working there in the early stages of our communication… most of them, natives of Russia, welcome us with open arms. To get a visa, you have to be invited and once your invitation is approved, you send your passports the the embassy in New York and, hopefully, you get a 3 month visa. It’s complicated, but I know it will be worth it. One girl working at the YWAM base in Perm, who is from the Siberian town of Tomsk, said this to me when I asked her if we could work with the pastors in her town:

“…that’s great to hear someone is willing to come and serve in Siberia, well done! dress well, it will be very cold there in December. Talk to you soon!”

“…someone is willing?” Haha! I guess theres not a huge line of people coming to visit them out there. At any rate and whatever happens, I’m glad to know we can be an encouragement at a bare minimum.

Tomsk is in Western Siberia

Tomsk is in Western Siberia

Thanks for your prayers as we prepare to go to Russia.

God bless,


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It will cost me about US$3500 the way it looks.

Many thanks!