Well, all things considered. I met success in the marathon extravaganza today!
It was mostly a trail race, which I was aware of but wow! That made it a real challenge. Up and down up and down. Something like a 3000 ft climb total.
The thing that struck me while running were the parallels with life. This group of people all different ages coming together for a common purpose. There were only about 130 in the race, which was fantastic.


It took me 4 hrs. 29 min to do the 26.2 miles but it felt longer. With the trail being single file, you’d follow somebody and get to know their backside pretty good before making the pass. I passed this lady in pink at about mile 12 and left her in the dust. After another hour and a half of running, at mm 21, all of a sudden, she comes out of nowhere and passes me!
She was a least 50 years old so The least my pride would let me do was stay with her for the rest of the race. She would get out ahead then stop and walk a little. Just when I would come up, she’d start running and ditch me again but my legs were just too tired to pass her again. Funny how bad I wanted to beat her by the end. I didn’t.

To be honest, I was super thankful to finish at all. At mile marker 9, my knee started to hurt pretty bad and after begging God for mercy, it cleared up. If it didn’t, I’d have been done. Not that it would have been that big a deal, just better this way.