Lately it’s been a mad race to the finish , which is what the Titus Project turns out to be every time. There’s a lot to do with little time to do it. It starts with a 3 week training phase where our participants attend lectures and practice teaching the Bible to prepare for doing it out on the field in whatever country they go to.

We, as teachers and staff, focus on teaching the class and arranging the outreach portion of the school. There are 5 teams, each with 3-5 members, going to Thailand, Togo (Africa), Mexico, ┬áCentral Asia (can’t be public), and Russia (our team). Of all the countries, Russia seems to give people who want to visit the hardest time. You have to get a letter of invitation from an agency inside Russia, which takes about a month and once you get your hands on that, you send it off to a company here in America who in turn sends it to the Russian embassy where it’s processed and returned to you, all for the bargain price of about $300… if all goes as planned. And compared to a place like Thailand, where the visa is just stamped in your passport when you arrive for no cost, it’s one hassle on top of another for the coordinator.

Visa prep work

Visa prep work

But for me, I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Russia is where we’re to go. I was close last year serving in Armenia and told people if I got a chance to come back and work in Russia, I would.. and besides, should we go places based on ease of transit and cost? It’s easy to get in that kind of mindset ┬áleading short term mission projects.

“Let’s just make it easy and cheap.”

So we head for Russia Saturday, October 12th. There are 4 of us on the team, two single guys (including me) and a married couple. They’re great teachers and we’ve been asked to teach several small books including Ephesians, Philemon, and Colossians in detail along with an overview of the books of John and Acts. We also teach a Bible Overview to help believers understand God’s plan of salvation as it’s chronologically laid out in the Bible.

The contact in Siberia said those would be good things to have ready, adding that she took a Titus team to some of the same places last year and “set a high standard” so no pressure… Haha.

There’s still a lot to do before we leave but we’re studying and working hard to get a good start.

Hopefully our passports get back to us in time…

Right to left: Josh, Abbey, Bryson, and I

Left to right: me, Bryson, Abbey, and Josh