Just three days shy of our departure date, October 12th, all 4 passports arrived safely back here to Montana, so praise God for that.

Tomorrow is the night where each of our 5 teams are prayed for and commissioned out.
Interestingly, each team, this one, 4, takes on a different feel. Personalities add up to form a dynamic. Sometimes this emerges right away and another times, it takes time. Leaving a bustling YWAM base like this one here in Lakeside means a change. No more structure. No more scheduled meals where you just show up and eat. No motorcycle and less personal freedom.
From Saturday on, it’s a running a budget and little “team times” where you pray and talk with a small group about the day and the plans-what to teach in upcoming ministry times, how to make food happen, etc.
To me, it’s a good thing though. I love packing up and heading out. Even though it’s not until Saturday, I’m gearing up mentally.
We have 2 long layovers and 33 total hours of travel time from Kalispell to Moscow, but I don’t mind airports at all.
Stepping out of an unknown airport into an unknown city listening to a language you don’t understand… Looking up a the sky, feeling the temperature, and finally putting fact with all the research you did from a distance.
Russia. The great unknown.
But for tonight, I’ll come back and focus on right now.
Many thanks and blessings to you!