These are the guys and gals who will staff the school.  I am there 3rd from the right.  they asked us to remove the sunglasses please.

we refer to this DTS(Discipleship Training School) as the AW80, meaning Around the World in 80 days.

All of these people have been on it before, so a well traveled bunch.  The base is well organized.  We were given these old-school Nokia phones with a local SIM card for this area.  When we go from one country to another, you simply buy another card, keep the same phone, and prepay for minutes.  That eliminates the astronomical expense of having an “around the world phone” where i would be paying $1.90/minute here in New Zealand with my local phone back in Hawaii(Verizon).  They let me put it in “sleep” for up to 6 months.  IT works out pretty good actually. I am always trying to keep expenses at a minimum.

We have been here getting ready writing welcome cards, fixing up the rooms, arranging airport runs, and pretty much everything else it takes to run on of these schools.  1998 was the last time i did this and we took a team of 50 to India without a single cell phone. I  lead the group without sending or receiving a single email.  Man, how times have changed.  I am so grateful to be back at it.  There’a nothing like YWAM and nothing like DTS.  Nothing i have been a part of anyway…