YWAM Oxford (New Zealand) pals and Angelo (Me, Jeremy, Kadi, Kim, Angelo, and Lara)

YWAM Oxford (New Zealand) pals and Angelo (Me, Jeremy, Kadi, Kim, Angelo, and Lara)

2014 has been great so far. Started the year in Columbus, Indiana with some good friends from all over. Running the same course I try to run brought me here to Nashville where I’ve been helping Don move and visiting friends.

Sitting in Jeremy’s basement drinking coffee out of a big Starbucks mug that says “Nashville” on it this morning. Went up to Sunny’s yesterday in Pleasant View for a visit. Watched a show called “The Bachelor” for the first time and listened to his daughter share about feeling inadequate as a youth leader at their small-town, country church.photo 3

It was fun watching 27 girls get out of limousines trying to make a first impression, but the whole charade reminded me of an ancient king choosing another wife. I felt bad for the girls, but I guess they signed up for the abuse. At first I thought they all really wanted to be with this guy, but hearing their reactions made it clear that they were mostly there just to get what the other girls wanted. It all seemed a little hollow, but it was entertaining, which is what television is about.


Reading in “My Utmost For His Highest” this morning, he tells us that actually knowing Jesus is the last thing to come in the life of a believer. First we know his blessings, then the word, and last we know him. I found that encouraging because I don’t feel like I know him lots of the time because I am more about the circumstances.

It’s one of my last days in Nashville.

Phase 2 of the moving project is on the docket tomorrow and after that, I’ll head back to Michigan. I don’t live here anymore and there’s less nostalgia with each visit. But life is different now. In a good way.

Don, Angelo, and I.

Don, Angelo, and I.

A song by Jason Isbell, called Different Days, says it well.

“Ten years ago I would have stayed for another night,

and used her in a thousand different ways.

But those were different days.”

Before I quit drinking I thought things would be a little different. Funny almost nothing’s the same. I’m guessing the trend will continue.

A friend told me she “takes a pill” to fight depression.

Said she used to see it as a lack of faith.

Now it’s God’s provision.

It’s good to see those kinds of breakthroughs. Anything where a person surrenders seems good to me. Self-reliance is less attractive, but I’m still plenty stubborn on many levels.