Over the past 2 weeks we stayed at a place called Osanidde Village. It’s an island-based orphanage in Uganda.  Bussi Island is an agro-fishing community predominantly made up of peasants who practice subsistence living along the shores of Lake Victoria shores.

We worked with an evangelist called Michael Kayzze-a Uganda native with a passion for seeing God transform the islands.  We were part of running basic “crusades” and “conferences” with local churches.  The 2 weeks were pretty much non-stop.  We spent the mornings working with the churches teaching from the Word and encouraging believers.  The afternoons and evenings we participated in these “crusades.”  A crusade is a local evangelistic meeting with a generator, sound system, and two microphones.  The local pastors bring worship singers with drums and we all set up what basically turns out to be a worship service right on the side of the road or in a market or somewhere else.  There are no paved roads on Bussi.  The conditions are basic.  Our team might share testimonies, perform an evangelistic drama, sing a few songs, and Michael or one of the other pastors will give an alter call, and may people will come forward.  In a few places they lined up a baptism for those who wanted.  It really fits what’s written in Acts 8 about the Ethiopian man and Phillip.  Phillip lead him to the Lord, they found some water, and baptised him straightaway.  John (one of my team mates) and I had the opportunity to baptise many people on two different occasions like this.  It was such a privilege.

People are mostly open to the gospel because when Jesus comes into a community like that, He brings life.  Families stay together, crime decreases, and people begin to have hope.  When people have hope, it effects everything positively.

The orphanage was started a few years back as a prayer house.  Our contact’s father had a vision to start a prayer house on a piece of property close to the water.  One thing lead to another, they started buying up the adjacent property, and began taking in children who had nowhere to go. Today there are about 160 children there.  I asked them who takes care of the kids.  He told me there are widows who live there and teach them in the schoolhouse and teach them to work and live.  It’s amazing to me that the Lord takes care of his own…to see a house of prayer turned orphanage where widows are doing the training and the kids are living useful lives.  If the truth where known, they blessed us far more than we blessed them.

Psalm 68:5-6

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.  God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.

Today we are at the end of a 3 day, mid-outreach break in a place called Kisumu, Kenya located part way to our next ministry location called Moshi, Tanzania.  We spent the time regrouping as a team, having team times of worship, one-on-ones, and other things we as team leaders are encouraged to do at a mid-outreach “debief.”

Tonight it’s back on Akumba Bus with a route going from Kisumu back through Nairobi(arrives at 430am) then goes south across the Kenya/Tanzania border and arrives in Moshi about 2pm.  These overnight bus trips a are a real adventure.  I try to sit in the front because watching the action on the road is fantastic entertainment.