We are finally in Jerusalem after meeting up with the rest of the Discipleship Training School from New Zealand!  It has been an absolutely amazing school!  We spent 3 months at YWAM New Zealand before setting sail on this outreach of a lifetime.  Our team of 8 travelled the length of Africa from the bottom to the top working with contacts of all kinds.

Leading a YWAM DTS outreach is an experience like no other.  We visited 5 countries including South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Morocco.   One of our goals is to expose the students to as many long term missionaries as possible.  It certainly happened.

Here in Jerusalem, we are sharing testimonies and celebrating what God is doing.  There are 6 teams present and the energy is high!  I am so happy to have been able to bring our team to the end in one piece.  We are all healthy and safe.  We met the budget and saw God do all kinds of amazing things.  It’s a great feeling to get a “job well done.”

Along with a “proper” debrief of everything that happened and some good application and re-entry teaching, we are getting a really comprehensive tour of the holy land.  I’ve read the Bible all my life, but this is amazing.  It’s so incredible to see places where the Lord actually walked.  I am most blown away by the coexistence of all the different people.  Everybody has a piece of this place.  There is the wall around the original city where the Old Testament “Holy of Holies” was inside the temple.  It’s believed to be the actual spot where Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac.   After that, the Israelite temple was built and later sacked.  There have been various temples and things on the same location and now it’s the “Dome of the Rock” …a Mosque of all things.  Just standing next to the “Wailing Wall” and then going up and walking around that Dome is crazy.  I have hardly been to a place where there is more tension.

I would highly recommend making the trip if you can…