Back to trying the ole blog thing again.  Posting them has been the hardest part, getting pictures to upload and appear right.  This one here is Jeremy and I sitting on his recently purchased car hauling trailer.

The task at hand is moving about 10 vehicles from Jonesboro to Waxahachie Texas.

These signs remind me of going to college over at LeTourneau University in East Texas jumping freight trains in the country.

No Starbucks out here.  We stop in this place every day in Whitney to gas up and use the bathroom. 

They had this great little flower arrangement in the bathroom, so I told the owner I really liked it.  She explained that it has changed over the years.  First it was an old kettle of some kind.  Then  someone took the flowers out, laid them on the side, and stole the kettle.  So she asked the guys who come in who by beer every day for one of their cans, cut the top off, and put the flowers in the can.  Apparently, even those cans have been stolen.  She keeps replacing them and this one here has lasted the longest.  Who steals empty beer cans?  I mean how much can you get for one anyway?

It’s probably the cheapest flower arrangement I have ever seen in my life, but I love it.  Just sitting there on the toilet.  It sort of has an extraterrestrial feel look to it with the skinny branches and the gold can.

The little towns way off the interstate have the a good flavor.  Out here there is less of the corporate presence that regulates and demands similarity.  Each shop is one of a kind.  Individuality.  Perfect.