The other night I boarded the very last flight on an “Around the World” ticket that started in New Zealand in May 2010.  Honolulu to Auckland which left at 945pm Friday, and arrived 6am Sunday.  I never lived Feb 5th, 2011, not one second of it.  It would have been a good flight to miss a day you didn’t want to live through for some reason.

I just checked in with a guitar and an overweight bag.  I was reprimanded for being overweight and told I would be out $50 for the extra bag and $50 for being overweight.  I reminded her that I purchased the ticket in April of 2010 when they gave 2 bags for free and said I would unload the bag and carry on whatever it took to bring it to the right size.  She seemed to change her tune a little as our interaction carried on and ended up waiving both fees and I paid nothing.  I look at that as favour from the Lord.  I mean, these days, what else could it be?  After all,

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…”

James 1:17a

I have officially circled the globe!   Back here in Auckland, I’m attending meetings with about 50 other staff, all of who will be working with various discipleship training schools in the South Pacific.  It’s a regional training program with lectures and small group workshops to help us in every area of running a discipleship training school.  Our students arrive in Oxford on the south island on Feb 27.  So we have one week in the regional training and 2 weeks in Oxford working out the details of our specific DTS.

I’m blessed to be back in New Zealand and so far, things are running along pretty well.  There are great teachers with tons of experience!  I’ll put down a bit more once we get rolling but I wanted to give glory to God for bringing me this far…

Joe, Nel, Julie, and Kadi