DTS Workshop Love Feast

We had a wonderful workshop at the Matamata YWAM base in Auckland.  It was a two week program designed for maximum impartation, refreshment, revelation, and unity for DTS staff.    The YWAM Discipleship Training School is world-wide and diverse but must follow the same structure and contain the same elements across the board.  We went over all the requirements together in detail and prayed a lot.  YWAM is like that.  We take our time with everything.  We went over boundaries in DTS, methods for confrontation and conflict resolution, how to have a proper “one-on-one,” and detailed overview and workshop about how to have a proper outreach.  At the end of the time, there was a love feast.  Each team had a chance to speak and present something unique to their base.   We are “Oxford” and simply lead in a worship song.  These events are important in encouraging each other and some who are more isolated.  We gather together for strength and prayer and then go back out.  For us at Oxford, we are a group already but getting more training ensures we can deliver the best “product” to the incoming students.

YWAM Oxford

Christchurch Control Tower

Yesterday, we arrived here in Oxford.  I haven’t been here since March 2010 when we left for outreach to Africa.  Our team went through Africa and ended in Jerusalem where we had our graduation ceremony. Now we, as staff, are back for the next round.  Some have moved on and some have returned.  Here we have a common mission and will spend the next 2 weeks working to get ready for Arrival Day.  There is base orientation, work duties, and other house-keeping chores to finish up in the meantime.

Signs on the door of our "cabin."

I am rooming with my good friend, Rob.  We started working together in YWAM years ago.  Funny how history repeats itself.  It’s a cool thing to watch how God uses everything.

Nel, Kari, and Will

It’s back to community living with all it’s challenges and advantages.  Here in New Zealand, they don’t have screens on windows for some reason, so Rob and I went to the NZ equivalent of Home Depot and manufactured some for our windows so the cabin isn’t a bug fest.  Things are pretty much squared away I think.

God has been really faithful and I nearly have all my fees!  I am so grateful to everyone who contributed.  God is faithful!


Rob Donahue