AW80 Staff

These 2 weeks are being spent getting ready for our students to arrive.  Tons of meetings, arranging schedules, dividing up responsibilities, and prayer.  It’s a lot of fun being together with a group I have grown to know and love over the last year.  We have a great time, but the responsibilities are ramping up.  I have files bulging with paperwork, forms for visas, schedules for each day, student files, and job roles to learn so I can teach the students when they arrive.

One of the cool things about DTS is the variety of the different schools.  Our base here in Oxford runs several.  We are called the Around the World DTS but there is also a Backpacker and a Snowboarder DTS.  The Backpackers just got back from Outreach, so they had a night of sharing and testimonies tonight and have their final graduation dinner tomorrow night.  It’s great to hear all that God did through them while they were out.  Their ministry is structured a little different from ours as they move in the “traveler” circuit in places like Thailand and India.

Our staff is to dress in black and be the “wait staff” for their dinner.  It should be a great time of food and fellowship with a bit of cross-pollination between the schools.