Girls making "welcome cards"

Yesterday we were preparing our “Welcome Cards” for the incoming students who arrive this weekend.  All of a sudden there was a feeling and sound like someone rolling a heavy metal cart across a concrete floor and I glanced over at Kari looking at the expression on her face and about to ask, “What in the world is that?”  In a second there was no denying it was not a sound but the earth actually shaking back and forth.  It subsided fairly quickly with a little more a few minutes later.  Whoa!  That was weird.  We continued on for a while longer until someone got on the internet and found out Christchurch had been absolutely hammered by it.  They said they had expected it as “part 2” to the one last year but that it had come

Streets blocked off about a mile away as I circled.

earlier than expected.

We are about 55km northwest of city, so you figure the best thing is to go straight in and help however you can-at least that’s what you think when you are working at a missionary training school, right?  Right.  So we waited to see what was being asked for on the news and tried to send that.  Apparently they were asking for trained medical professionals.  Well, we have a few, so we sent them in.  I ended up going into town a bit later with my friend, Rob, but we weren’t able to get very close because everything was blocked off at the city perimeter.  The picture at the right shows a church front caved in as I drove past last night.  In the end, our team was able to send several vans into some of the parks and bring displaced people back to our base where we fed and housed them overnight,

Same church from the front.

supplying phones, wireless, and rides to the airport earlier today.

The effects of the quake were devastating to Christchurch and I’m confident there will be plenty of opportunities to serve the people in the city.  Our students arrive this weekend and I’m sure they will be chomping at the bit to go straight over there.  We want to help in every way we can.  However, it’s important to actually be a help and not a hindrance.  Please don’t forget to pray for those people.

Even this morning, I went into the grocery store all the way out here in Oxford and found the line to be wrapped around the whole inside of the store.  I suppose it’s possible to run out of things but I wonder how good it is to buy up everything you possibly can.  They had limits, which is probably a good thing….

Grocery Store Line