After what seems to me like a lot of time, our students are finally here.  Despite the recent earthquake in Christchurch, all the flights made it in and we are registering everyone on what seems to be an average arrival day.  On Saturday, our base was able to send 2 vans full of people to begin the lengthy clean-up process in Christchurch.  We’ll resume outreach

Kari and I leading in a couple songs.

efforts as we can throughout this lecture phase once everyone is settled in.  Clean-up will be extensive.

Yesterday we had a traditional Maori (native New Zealand) welcome ceremony for everybody combined with staff introductions and a BBQ.  In the evening, it was a “get to know you” sessions with a game and general exchange of facts for our school alone.

Today is logistics, student handbooks, base guidelines, policy, instructions on work duties, payment of school fees, insurance, vaccination information, etc.  It seems like endless work to get and keep this thing going.  The funny thing about DTS is that each school is somewhat of an entity in itself.  No matter how chaotic it gets or how overwhelming it seems, it has a clear start and a clear finish.  We have a graduation ceremony planned for August 12th in New Zealand, so for better or for worse, the show goes on now and ends then.  It’s like a project we work on together.  We do it for the glory of God and to the best of our ability.  Today is Day #1.