So it’s Saturday, our day off this week between super full weeks.  Tomorrow we are enlisted for a community event here in Oxford.  It’s something similar to a county fair as I understand it.  There will be bus loads of people coming from Christchurch to “have fun” I’m told.  We are running some of the events; things like, Tug of War, 3 legged Race, Skateboard Competition, Water Balloon Toss, Dunking Booth, Face Painting, etc.  Everything is a ministry opportunity.  These folks coming from Christchurch, where it’s been nothing but Earthquake clean-up and tremors and other serious, things, are in need of a good time.  So, this little town of Oxford plans on supplying the small town cheer!

Next week, we continue on in our lectures as we begin week 4.  The topics for the entire 11 weeks we are here is something like


this:  1) Worship, Intercession, and Hearing the voice of God 2) Sin, the Cross, and Forgiveness  3) Father Heart of God 4) World Missions-I personally love this one.  It’s all about maps and outreach and demographics worldwide. 5) the Life of Jesus 6) Bible Immersion  7)Lordship 8) Holy Spirit 9) Character and Nature of God  10) Relationships 11) Destiny and Calling.   We do the 12th week of the required DTS teaching at the end in Israel on Re-entry into life outside DTS.  It’s very thorough.   By the time we are into May when we head out, it’s like my head is going to explode with all the teaching and preparation.  I am usually beyond ready by that point, but preparation if key.

Good old Lonely Planet Guide Book

Last week, were divided into outreach teams.  Our teams are small but for most of the countries we serve, it has to be that way.  There are 5 paths and I was able to submit a request for the route I wanted and the students were able to do the same.  I had this one at the top of my list.  There are 3 countries on the route with the graduation in Jerusalem.  They are Thailand, Cambodia, and then a jump over to India.  We are in each location for about 3 weeks.  Sometimes we work with YWAM and sometimes not.  I am not at liberty to give specifics on our ministry yet but once we move along, I will.

We shared our locations and exact teams with our students the other night, which was exciting to say the least.  So much energy.  I am co-leading a team of 6.  I am the only guy on the team.  Just like in the local church, there are more women in ministry than there are men.  I am not sure why that is, but it’s definitely true here.

Excited Reactions..

It’s actually fine for the outreach planned for us.  Some of it is with women and they are asking for teams with women as the majority.  Anyway, we’ll see how it all shakes out.  Yesterday, we began with team building exercises where we, as leaders, looked at team dynamics.  It’s like being back in Psychology classes in college where we study human interaction, leadership tendencies, and try to anticipate situational behavior.

Team Building Exercise Trying to Build a can Pyramid with strings and rubberband.

All these are small steps toward outreach.  One of the main mission statements of this, “Around the World Discipleship Training School,” is to disciple and teach others to do the same.  Jesus taught his disciples and they in turn taught others.  Take Peter, for example, the guy who wanted so badly to follow, walked on water, denied Christ, then became one of the pillars of the church even penning portions of the Bible.  The Lord called him the Rock.  In edition to discipleship, we desire to expose our students to committed, long term missionaries and others who are having an impact on the world for Jesus.  We are praying and trusting God to work as he sees fit as we do this.