We had a fantastic time on Sunday running several stations at the Oxford Fair.  Lots of people turned out for the event despite clouds and cooler temperatures. We ran a “dunk tank”, a balloon toss, face painting for kids, and cooked what seemed like a million sausages and gave them out for free.  Our students and staff did an amazing job to say the least.


Today we are hearing of true missions, what it takes, living with families right away to get acclimated to the culture and we are not talking about a DTS outreach for 2 months.  We are being challenged to think of really stepping out.  Why can’t any of us be those who go and stay?  How scary is it really to live in another country and learn their language and ways?  Is it really as hard as it seems?


Hearing this guy talk makes me think I have never really stepped out at all.  I guess there is always more…and it truly is a process.  Lord have mercy!