I may not have much money or status in this world, but one thing i do have is good friends.  Coming here reminds me of that.  I think how only one month ago, i didn’t know anyone here but JulieAnna.  Now, these people I see every day are my friends.  Some might last a lifetime.  You never know.  Being in YWAM again is one of the weirdest phenomena.  Anyone who has spent any time in this mission organization knows exactly what i’m talking about.  You come in with a whole set of assumptions and as time goes on, they change.

My first go at this, I was 23 years old, went to Kona, Hawaii, and I met a few guys i know to this day.

Scott Coates and Rob Donahue 2010

I took this shot in Honolulu earlier this year.  I met Scott and Rob in YWAM in 1996.  We worked intensely for 2 years and then life took us in different directions.  Still 14 years later, we are intentional about connecting..and of course, surfing.  That’s a testimony pointing out an amazing thing about this time here.  I am watching these guys and girls meet and establish bonds that will, no doubt, last for a lifetime.  The intensity of a 3 month training program followed by an international outreach bonds people quickly.

I am grateful to these guys for giving me chances when i was not so faithful.  I am grateful for the friendship we share today.  I thank God for giving me the gifts in life that are way up and beyond…