We are rounding the final bend of our Discipleship Training Program here in New Zealand.  That means we are bound for

Southeast Asia Team

Thailand at the end of next week..Saturday 5/14.  I am co-leading a team of 6.  It’s a great team and all women except me.  They are great girls and ready to go I think.  There is always fear associated with these trips, but God is always faithful.  Going through all the ups and downs of a 10 week mission trip can be a challenge to say the least.  However, it is nothing short of a privilege to me.

YWAM Thailand is well-established and good at “hosting” teams from what I hear.  We plan on spending 2 days in Bangkok and then moving to the tourist own of Pattaya.  I will post more on that as we go instead of speculating from here.  This week, it’s the teachings on “Relationships” and next week it’s “Destiny and Calling.”  Friday we clean this base from top to bottom and Saturday we fly from Christchurch to Singapore and on to Bangkok.