Joseph and Julie

Day #2

Said goodbye to the gang and left Oxford for Bangkok the day before yesterday with a 23.5 kg bag and a guitar. An absolutely ridiculous amount of stuff for a 10 week outreach like this. I plan on shedding some clothes and other stuff as I go. Most of the time with this “Around the World DTS”, you leave a box in a storage container and get it when you come back through New Zealand whenever that may be in the next year. I decided to get out clean and leave nothing behind. I’m tired of leaving stuff all over the place as I travel.  Needless to say, I am ready to lighten the load already.

We are 2 teams together until Tomorrow. YWAM Bangkok is well organized and took our teams on a “Temple Tour”‘and prayer walk yesterday. They had a prayer book that gave structure and direction. It makes my job as a leader that much easier.  It was very busy. We traveled on buses, trains, and even boats navigating around the city. There is nothing like a big, dirty city in Southeast Asia.  Nothing. Buddhism is the dominant religion and it’s everywhere. The temples have admission fees and seem like tourist attractions. Local people bow and leave flowers they bought at the entrance. Temples sit on the high points of the cities so we go there and pray for the Thai people.  There’s one temple with a giant reclining Buddha depicting his passing into nirvana. Shiny gold plating and elaborate decorations cover idols of wood…literally.
Today we meet with our coordinator about the next two and a half weeks. Our team heads south along the coast to a city called Pattaya and the other team heads east to smaller villages.

Waiting for a boat..

It’s early Monday morning here. Bangkok is lumbering to its feet. I got a coffee at a 7-Eleven for 9 Baht (about 30 cents) because the kitchen doors at the YWAM base were still locked when I walked past. I’m preparing for a team meeting at 800 this morning..I typed this out on an ipod, emailed it to myself, and posted it.  Technology. Ridiculous.