Kari, Kadi, Anna, Jeremy, and JulieAnna.

On August 12th, we celebrated with our students after a week touring the Holy Land.  We rode up to the the actual Mount of Olives with Jerusalem as a backdrop for the event.  It only took 30 minutes or so and we did it in the morning because the sun gets so hot.  The rest was finished at a restaurant in the evening.  It’s a great way to end a DTS.  They actually count one week in Israel as one of the lecture weeks in the school.

The second of the weeks is all focused on debriefing students.  It’s meetings about re-entry, fundraising, and addressing potential pitfalls ahead. After that everyone goes their separate ways on their around the world ticket.

As for staff, we moved to Tel Aviv to have a debrief time of our own.  It’s more meetings with prayer sprinkled in here and there.  Every combination you can imagine.  We go over lecture

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phase. What worked? What didn’t?  What went wrong?  Why? Which speakers worked?  Which didn’t?  What about the schedule? The structure at the base.  We are helping the leaders accumulate information to make the schools and the base better and more affective in the future.  Then it’s outreach.  Same thing, what went wrong?  How are you now?  Get together with your co-leader and forgive each other if necessary.  Dig in and finish strong.  Each person gets prayer.  Pick the person, start by praying, get words for each other, affirm each other,   share these, someone records it all, then one person closes it and we move on to the next one.  Each one takes 20-30 minutes.  There are 10 of us all together.

It’s all worth it in the long run, but can seem laborious at the time.  I have been through a bunch of these.  After leading a 10 week outreach, I find I don’t have the energy for a lot, and mostly it’s like, “I’m over it.  Let’s head out,” but it’s part of the program.  The highlight to me is heading to the beach at about 5pm when it’s over and playing in the waves til the sun goes down.  The water is really nice and warm and there are actually waves in the Mediterranean Sea.  I don’t know what I expected being that the Apostle Paul was shipwrecked on these waters, but it’s neat to be here either way.

Staff Dinner..