Even though it’s not the best time to leave Kalispell for a weekend getaway, I have had the chance to attend two weddings on two consecutive weekends. We are about 2 weeks from finishing the School of Biblical Studies in Montana, so there’s still a lot of work to be done….

Nonetheless, last weekend, I had the honor of officiating a wedding for two friends of mine, Matt Younger and Sara Johnston. Now, of course, they are Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Younger. What an honor and joy it was to fly down to Grand Junction, Colorado to be a part of their big day. Our acquaintance came out of a discipleship training school in Oxford, New Zealand with Youth With A Mission. We spent the spring of 2011 there together and what started as a friendship turned into much more than that over the course of six months. Sara emailed me in November telling me the news that they were pledged to be married.. to make a long story short, I was the one they wanted to officiate the wedding!  What an honor.  

I just wanted to post some pics of the event. I wish you the very best, Matt and Sara!









That was last weekend. This weekend, I am at another wedding. This one is for my first cousin, Andrew and his bride, Kimberly. We’re in Portland, and out the window here at the hotel, the wind is swirling and there are grey clouds. We’ll see. Apparently, the coordinators are ready either way. We all hope for the sun and an outside wedding, but there is a chapel on reserve if the rain starts coming down…  Either way, it’s great to be together with family and to be present with the soon to be, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Peterson! Hopefully, I can get some  pics of tonight up soon as well…