Glacier Airport in Kalispell

We’ve spent the last 3 weeks in Montana training and practicing for out Bible teaching trip to Armenia.I am on a team with two ladies-Jana and Naomi. It’s been an intense but fruitful time here. We have each had the chance to teach 4 times. Our teachings have been: The Inductive Method of Bible Study, which helps people see how to study the Bible without training by simply observing the text. We were taught a extensive overview of the whole Bible in 9 steps that can be taught in a week with multiple sessions or condensed into just a few hours depending on the audience. For the third teaching, we preached a 20 minute sermon. There are always times on outreach where you are sitting in a church and they ask you to get up and share “a word”. We were taught to be ready for that. The last one is the “Philemon” seminar which serves as a demonstration of how to teach a small book of the Bible from Observation to Interpretation through to Application. The idea here is that we can build a teaching and then teach any small book like Jonah, James, Philemon, or even Ephesians to people of any culture even if they
cannot read (oral communicators). It’s a challenge but totally possible.

Jana, Me, Naomi

We boarded an airplane Saturday, October 6th for Yerevan, Armenia and we’re on a layover at the airport in Vienna. There are 4 other teams going to Chile, Columbia, Nigeria, and Nepal. The teams are small which means each of us will get plenty of teaching time. That’s the idea. We are all participants on this project. We would appreciate your prayers. God bless.