Things have been a little slow getting going here on the teaching front. It’s a perfect example of how it’s the easiest to arrange ministry in most places WHILE you are there instead of from a distance. We spent the better part of the day yesterday meeting with a pastor and a youth leader about teaching. All of a sudden, the schedule is full. This morning I gave a devotional from Psalm 73 for a school. The leader wanted “…something from the Psalms-something that progresses over about 4 weeks..”  Hmmm. Ok, I picked Psalm 73 because Asaph wrote it to show the path he went down during a period of discouragement with God. He was comparing himself to the wicked, became down about his life with God, entered the house of God where his perspective changed to a place of gratitude and eternal perspective. We went through it almost line by line because I had an hour, but the “takeaway” was not the details of the Psalm, but the process he went through. When we lean on our own understanding, we always come up short. When we “enter God’s house” our outlook becomes like God’s and we can cope with circumstances as they are instead of wallowing in self-pity, making excuses. Psalms are prayers and petitions, not doctrinal statements. Some of them are like personal journal entries designed to encourage the readers to glorify God.

“Let this be recorded for a generation to come,
so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord…” Psalm 102:18

Overlooking Yerevan at the city’s birthday the other night. It turned 2794!

My room before I hung a blanket over the window because of a streetlight on all night….


Other than that, there are three of us in our apartment, which is really nice. Some of the other Titus teams are in the jungles of the Amazon, cities in Nigeria, the mountains of Nepal, and costal cities in Chile.

Yerevan, where we are, is a beautiful city, very clean, with hardly any crime. The weather is cool during the morning but still hitting the mid 70’s during the day. I’m happy to get a break from the humidity of Thailand or other places I’ve gone with YWAM.

No internet, but a nice atmosphere for studying.

Buildings similar to ours. People here call them “Soviet” because this used to be the USSR.