A couple nights ago, we were on the docket to give a 2 hour “devotional” to a group of young people. Naomi (my team mate) said she would take it since I did the morning teaching that day. SO I kept Isaiah because we did a 3 hour overview on that a couple days later. Then about 2 hours before the meeting, they called and told me we would be splitting up, so I would be teaching after all. SO i wrote out a little teaching about hearing the voice of God. I thought young people would be interested in that, I had some good stories about my life that were relevant, and it’s a teaching that can me both fun and interactive. So Our leader (Jana) and Naomi went to one group and I went to the other with our translator, Anahit. When we walked in, it was basically an intercession meeting for middle age

“Home Group” All these young people want to go into missions! So many questions!

ladies. They had all been believers for a long time and had experience on the mission field. Some had been working in and out of Iran for years. They started by praying that the girls they knew who were in prison in Iran now would not be raped. I was sitting there thinking, “hmmm. should I go ahead with this basic teaching?” And beside that? What do I really have to offer here anyway? So, we had a discussion, I told a couple stories and complimented them on their intercession for missionaries and for their hospitality. Then I shared from a passage in 1 Kings where Elijah is running from Jezebel. Twice the Lord asked him what he was doing there and twice he answered back that he was the only prophet left, and that he wanted to die. I told them that even this great prophet felt alone and none of us are an exception… something like that. It was meant to be an encouragement to prayer and a platform for us to pray for missionaries we knew. I honestly felt so honored to be in the room. They were amazing prayer warriors and the lady who normally leads the meeting pointed at me at the end and said she had a word for me. “If you give everything to Jesus, he will give you everything!” Then she said, “This is not a word from God for you, but something I want to share.” She said she has some regret about getting married and she could have done more for the Lord had she not done it. I double-checked with the translator, “Did she say that was for me? Can you ask her to repeat that?” She said, that it was not; just that it was a thought she had. In the end, I felt like it was sort of a “bomb.” But they liked me, we ate a lot of Iranian pastries, and I drank tons of Armenian coffee, which is basically strong, black, and loaded with sugar; not my favorite, but I like the caffeine, so I drink it. I think they were more of a blessing to me than me to them, but it was a good exchange. On another note, we asked for some mercy ministry at the YWAM base the other day. It’s nice to round things out with a little something beside studying and teaching. So they said, “Go to this address at 10am and they’ll put you to work.” So we did. Turns out it was a place called the Bethlehem House. It was a house of Nuns taking care of Down’s Syndrome kids

Intercessory Missionaries. Expect the Unexpected!

who needed a garage cleaned out and a garden cleaned. It was a refreshing break. There were Mother Teresa quotes all over and even a statue of her head on the mantle. They were really sweet, feeding us lunch and inviting us to mass tomorrow morning. Each day is full and there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring, but there are more believers in the world than I thought. They are everywhere. It’s like in 1 Kings 19:18 when God is answering Elijah when he thought he was the only one left, “I have reserved seven thousand …whose knees have not bowed to Baal..” God is working all over the place. There are people who are way more devout than I am and who have really suffered for the gospel like I never have. I respect them tremendously.

Our main contact, Andrey and the girls.