I recently finished the second quarter of YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies in Lakeside, Montana.  Tons of work but totally worth it.  I had a remaining section of what’s called an “Around the World Ticket” on United airlines that I used to come out here to Kona, Hawaii.  It’s such a nice place for a break from all the school work.  God has been blessing me like crazy.  One of the best things about traveling is connecting with people.   First I spent a couple nights at my friend, Derek’s place and then moved into town closer to the YWAM base.  One of the church members lent me a truck to use for the week, which was so generous.  My friend, Jo opened her house to me because she went on outreach.  I hope I have the chance to return the favor sometime.

I was working on the phone arranging travel back to the mainland and spotted a couple of lizards circling each other at the end of this pool filled with algae and green slime.  They congregate over there because there is a shower head that drips all the time, so there’s water.  In the spirit of slowing down from the frantic pace of SBS, I sat there and watched their funny mating ritual for a while.  I took a picture.

Later, I went for a run along this trail and there was a burnt house on the side of the road.  I thought about the contrast between the two.  One was multiplication and the other was death.  Some guy or group of guys took the time to plan that house, build it, and then someone bought it and lived in it.  One day it burned down.  Who knows why.  Maybe it was carelessness, maybe it was started by someone to get insurance money.  Either way, it was finished-at the end.  As I ran, I thought about that.  I thought about a break and week of reflection.  It’s good to take inventory and think about those things sometimes.  What is happening?  Where am I going?  What is important to me?  Am I acting on those convictions?  I began to ask myself questions along this line.  In life, there are seasons.  Some things die, others are born.  If I try to hold onto something that is dying or dead, I might be a bit crazy.  If God is trying to birth something new, It would be foolish not to resist it, right?  Why fight the current?   It seems the best thing to stop and reflect on what season it is.  I started my time in YWAM out here in Kona in 1996.  There are temptations to recreate feelings or to try to rekindle events to be like they were back then.   On the other hand, I was riding a moped on that same trail one time at night and crashed almost killing myself; something I would rather forget… other than God’s protection.

In all this, I was challenged to pray into these things and to ask the Lord what is out in front of me that I might be fearful of trying. What is he asking me to do for someone else, to confront, or to confess?  Is there something I am trying to hang onto that should die?  Challenging questions, but good I think.

I just had this thought as I read over this.  We had a speaker come in and teach in the SBS recently and he challenged us when writing.  He told us to color-code the times we use the word, “I” and “me” and said that was an indication of where our perspective was.  Selfish.  I just counted a whole bunch, but didn’t take the time to go back and re-write the thing in the third person.  Oh well, it seems that there is a season for everything.  Sometimes it’s the time to take inventory and let the Lord do some pruning.