The Boiler Room...

After having studied the Bible inductively for about 8 months now, its possible to see the light at the

Out loud reading for every book...

end of the tunnel.  Not that it’s dark, just that there isn’t much time for much else. We started out with the New Testament in the fall, moved to Genesis in January, and now we are rolling through the prophets. It’s an amazing program and a wonderful privilege to take 9 months to study the Bible like this.

Being in Youth With a Mission, it would hardly seem right doing a school without going on an outreach of some kind.  That’s where the “Titus Project” comes in. Here’s the synopsis: The Titus Project equips graduates of the School of Biblical Studies with teaching skills and mobilizes them into areas of the World where Bible Teaching is greatly needed. Our target audience is pastors and leaders, who we find to be the most hungry, and the most eager to employ and pass on the tools of Inductive Bible Study.

The project begins in September 2012. It’s technically separate from the School of Biblical Studies, but many from our school attend. I’m excited to report that I’ve been accepted. There are several small teams going to our target locations. Teams have not been assembled yet, but some of the potential locations include Nigeria, Nepal, Argentina, and Columbia.

At the moment, we’re working through Ezra and Nehemiah. The dedication of the prophets to build the temple and restore Jerusalem after being exiled to Babylon for sinning against God is contagious. It’s a message to remember to be grateful for the favor and presence of God when we have it and to be equally

YWAM Lakeside, Montana

grateful for his discipline when we stray off course. Thanks for reading this. I hope you’re blessed by the

word of God when you read it.