Since finishing SBS a month or so ago, I’ve spent time with my Mom and the rest of the gang in Michigan, but for the last week and a half, I have been in a little town called Maccelsfield in north England. My youngest brother, Hans,  and his family are here. For the last 3 years working with YWAM, I have had the liberty to come for a visit about the same time each year. The funny thing is, mostly, we just live a normal, family life. Not much sight-seeing or going to the Olympics. He and his wife, Katy have 3 little kids, all age 3 and under. It’s action-packed to say the least. Since Hans has his own gardening business, I just go out to work with him every day. It’s a chance for us to hang out and catch up and for me to make a little money.

Here in the UK, people have the hospitality thing down. You can show up to work and promptly be offered tea or coffee. “How do you like it? …with sugar?” This morning I was even asked if I liked bacon with my eggs. You could literally go out to work without a lunch or any plan for food or drink and make it through the day no problem. The pace is a little slower and people want to visit and chat you up a little before you start. Maybe it’s not that way in London, but up here, it’s the country I guess. Hans is one of my best friends in the world, so I am happy for the chance to hang out and work together. It gives the proper time to hash out the important issues in life. I am a bit of an external processor and so is he so it works. 

I am between schools and on a bit of a break for the Summer and it’s nice to earn a little something extra for the school fees needed to pay for the “Titus Project” this fall. It starts in Montana September 17th and picks up where SBS left off; with training to go and teach people the Inductive method of Bible study. Originally I was under the impression I would be on the team that went to Nepal, but I learned the other day that I would be going to Armenia instead! I honestly had to check the map to see where it was. I thought eastern Europe-ish, but it’s more like the Middle East or Mediterranean. It borders Iran, Turkey, and Georgia. I am on a team with 4 others. We’ll spend about 2 months there. I don’t have specifics yet, but it’s exciting. There are lots of believers who are hungry for the Word of God but have little access to teaching and very few resources. What a cool thing it is to be a part of God’s learning process in their lives.