A few months after I started working in Kona, my friend, Rob emailed me from Honolulu, telling me he was in Hawaii for a week, asking if I had the time for a visit. So I flew from this island to that one. As we caught up, he told me about English teaching and how he’s been developing his business plan over in Thailand. But more than that, he explained how teaching can be done on line AND in person instead of just having a job at a school teaching in the conventional way. SO all of this got my wheels turning. What are the possibilities?

So back at work, as business rolled on as usual, I started thinking lots about the English teaching thing. What kind of training is available? I’ve heard of something called TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages). That seems to be the certificate that’s recognized world-wide. Besides, just because you’re an English speaker doesn’t mean you know how to teach it. Specific training is essential. So I began asking God if it was something worth pursuing. Would it be good to have this certificate in case I needed it in the future?

I guess that was all it took, because no sooner had I prayed that prayer than the leader of the TESOL school walked into the maintenance office asking about a leaking toilet or something I don’t recall. She told me the course started July 2nd, which was about 3 days from then. BUT it costs $2500 or so and I certainly didn’t have that to spend on a 6 week course. She suggested applying for a scholarship available to staff who’ve worked at the base (University) for over 2 years. Well, that wasn’t me. I’ve been here only 6 months, but I applied anyway. After all, what could they say but NO? Turns out, and I had forgotten, but I worked for 2 years at this base from 1996-1998. So my service back then was enough to get me 80% off the tuition, bringing it well within reach at just over $500!

Even though all my good sense and rationale told me to wait until there was more time in my schedule, I thought enough of a door was opened to keep walking forward. Long story short, I graduated and got my TESOL certificate on Wednesday of last week! It was a bit of a juggling match fitting everything together, but in the end, it worked. What didn’t seem practical at the time, turned out to be just the thing to do. Now I’m equipped for English teaching abroad in any form whether it’s on a YWAM outreach, at a school, or as part a business sometime in the future. I don’t know the future, but at least I’m ready.

And… since the campus I work at is so international, we had no problem generating students for our practice classes as we got to teach 4 times per week as part of the training!


I’m just sharing this as encouragement. Maybe you’re thinking of doing something when there’s time or after saving enough money… Maybe the time is NOW.