I can’t believe after all this time… her dress hung in my closet because it wouldn’t fit in her luggage, all the hidden notes I discovered in my room, all the Skype calls, the letters, the separation and the visits… she’s really coming back! I really can’t believe it. She’s so perfect for me, and me for her. It was “putting her on the alter” like Abraham did that’s allowed her (or so far it looks like) to come back.

Annso and I in Karlsruhe, Germany

Annso and I in Karlsruhe, Germany

How does the saying go? “If you love someone, you let them go. If they come back, they’re yours to keep. If not, they never were in the first place.” Something like that.

It’s a beautiful night here in Kona… not too hot but really breezy and sort of quiet.

I’m alone staffing the Mission Builder program with Alejandro and it’s true that you never know where the Lord will take you if you yield to him.. at least to the best of your ability. Last year at this time, JC was in charge and it was a whirlwind. He likes a lot of staff, but I like less… just the right ones. Less is definitely more to me. Guy and Mary are in Maui for the week, and the usual 4 of us is down to just 2.

Using up kitchen leftover ham and cheese sandwiches...

Alejandro and i using up leftover ham and cheese sandwiches…

Had a good day at “2 step beach” with everybody. I’ve enjoyed the “weekend trips” this time around. We do it different. There’s the method where you plan everything to the minutia and the one where you don’t. We plan what we have to, but I’ve learned that if you overdo it, you end up adjusting things over and over and actually create more work in the long run. Some things have to be planned, but lots doesn’t. And what’s the worse that can happen? I forget something. Will I melt into the floor? I like to worry so I like to plan. It makes me feel like I’m doing something to ease the uncertainty.

“There, now it’s all set.” Then a variable changes and it’s back to the drawing board.

We used to plan all the trips out about 15 weeks in advance, announce them over and over in the meetings leading up to it, reminding people when, where, and how much they would cost. We’d have sign up sheets, deadlines, and try to collect money early.  Lots of policing and harassing. That system works, but it’s more work. These days, we decide on the Saturday trip by Tuesday, set the time, cost, announce it, buy a bunch of waters and snacks (more than we’ll need, but can still use later) and leave it at that. Then, the morning of the trip, we gather, see who’s standing there, collect the money, pick out a van or two or three, and go. It’s proven to be way less stressful. The other way, it was like we were trying to gauge how many would be there, plan for how many vehicles we would take, how many snacks to buy, etc, then just before the morning arrived, people would cross their names off the list and others would put there’s on instead, we would try and take some sort of roll call. People would message asking if they could go and others asking if they could back out and it was a mess… the very same as if we didn’t have the sheets at all.

Plan A.

Plan A.

Here in YWAM, in reference to leading outreaches, we say,

“Here’s plan B. Plan A is whatever happens.” Meaning, we have a plan just in case.

So maybe it’s as simple as, “Plan the non-negotiables and leave the rest open.”

That’s how Annso and I ran our recent trip together. We planned on being in Germany for a few days, Britain for a few, and Switzerland for the rest. We bought the tickets and went with the flow on the details, and it was awesome!

Annso at Starbucks in Zurich

Annso at Starbucks in Zurich

I’ve been told that with peaching too. We all have our own style, but I like to plan 80% and leave 20% improv… a little space for whatever comes to mind at the time.


I wonder how much Jesus planned out his days and months and years. It seems to me that he knew the big picture and left the rest fluid, but I suppose that’s only in the mind of God.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34